Lisa Perry + Jeff Koons

Lisa Perry is most known for her 1960s-inspired clothing and accessories. Her minimalistic designs, composed of bright colors, clean lines and classic silhouettes, have gained quite a following since she launched in 2006 (Ann Curry is a huge fan – she even wore a custom Lisa Perry dress for the Today Show’s 60th Anniversary).  Perry seeks inspiration not only from her vintage clothing collection from the late 60s, but also from art of the same period, and Pop Art in particular.  Her love of art has led to multiple collaborations with artists or their estates on capsule collections (including Nat Finkelstein and Roy Litchenstein), and her most recent is the much buzzed-about Jeff Koons Collection.  The limited edition clothing and accessories feature some of Koons’ most iconic images, including Loopy, Rabbit, Monkey Train and Pink Panther. You can find the collection exclusively at Lisa Perry’s store on Madison Avenue (a visit to which will immediately brighten your mood – as will serving dinner atop her hot pink placemats!) or on  I have my eye on pink panther and monkey train….!

Monkey Train Dress

Loopy Dress

Monkey Train and Loopy bangles

Perry modeling the Pink Panther Dress, with Jeff Koons (left) and W Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi

The merchandise at the Lisa Perry Boutique – I told you it was a happy place!


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