I’m Dreaming of a Red Valentino Dress…

The other day I walked past Saks Fifth Avenue and found myself drooling over the flagship’s new store window display.  Taking in the homage to red clothing and accessories by Valentino from his Pre-Fall 2012 Collection, I immediately had a flashback to a long-sleeved, red lace mini dress that I found while shopping for a rehearsal dinner outfit for my wedding two years ago.  Although the dress was way out of my price range, I literally dreamt about it for months and no other dress seemed to compare.  There is something about the color red that is both sexy yet classic, daring yet demure, and I don’t think any other designer utilizes the color better than Valentino.  So what did I end up wearing to my rehearsal dinner, you ask?  Well, I found an amazing, hot pink Notte by Marchesa one-shoulder mini that was perfect for the occasion.  But one day, Mr. Valentino, your reds will be mine.

A Look From The Saks Fifth Avenue Window Display of Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Valentino Spring 2012 RTW

Valentino Pre-Fall 2012

Valentino Fall 2012 RTW


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