Art I’m Loving… Rashaad Newsome

While reading the most recent issue of W Magazine, I was captivated by multiple collages in highly decorative frames composed of high-end jewelry. They struck me initially because they reminded me of work by Contemporary artist Rashaad Newsome.  Turns out, my instinct was correct; W had tapped the artist to create the opulent works.

The artist works in a variety of media, and is well known for his video performance art; he was included in the 2010 Whitney Biennale as well as the most recent installment of Performa. But I am a huge fan of his collage work, including that shown at his late 2011 exhibition “Herald” at Marlborough Gallery in New York City. The New York Times described the show as representing “the culmination of several strands of his work: history applied to the juxtaposition of high and pop art; symbols isolated, mixed and re-appropriated; the exploration of African-American culture.” He uses images from the street to inspire his work, including pictures from hip-hop and luxury magazines, tightly packed into ornate, highly guilded collages. A few images are below, and to view a more complete spectrum of Newsome’s work in all mediums, visit his website.

Artwork designed for W Magazine, composed of high-end jewelry

Artwork designed for W Magazine using high-end jewelry

Emperor Method the Magnificent, 2012; collage in hand carved frame

King of Queens, 2012; collage in customized antique frame

Swaggalicious, collage in customized antique frame


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