3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pop Art-Inspired Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

For his pre-fall 2012 collection, Phillip Lim drew inspiration from his favorite neo-noir comic books such as Sin City and V for Vindetta. And really, what could be more appropriate for inspiration than superhero powers when you have just 20 days to pull a collection together? As a result, the garments he presented were versatile, allowing women to go from day to night, casual to cocktail with just a slight alteration. For example, a blazer that zips off at the waist, serving as two different jackets in one. Or reversible puffer jackets, sporting both a quilted fabric on one side for a more casual look and a plain, more refined fabric on the other.

But what really got my attention was the Pop Art-inspired knits, tees and accessories that complemented his superhero references so perfectly. Wear one of these, and you can face anything life throws your way.

Ka-Pow Cardigan

Ka-Pow short sleeved tee

The Break Up patchwork 31-minute bag

Bang patchwork small zip crossbody bag


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