The Museum at FIT Relaunches Online Collections

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology has just relaunched its online collections, an amazing online resource allowing fashion lovers to search through the museum’s holdings from anywhere in the world. More than 600 objects are viewable online, which only accounts for a small percentage of the museum’s total archive of around 50,000 garments. The collection includes objects that date back to the 18th century and span every decade up to the present (the most current item I spotted was a Spring 2011 evening ensemble by Rick Owens).

The new digital site allows you to browse by designer, decade or time period, or type of clothing or accessory. I had some fun browsing through the looks, and hope the below images inspire you to get lost in the fashions on your own (click here for your daily dose of procrastination!)

Balenciaga, 1938

Salvatore Ferragamo, 1949

André Courrèges, 1968

Thierry Mugler, 1987-89

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 1984

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2010


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