Art I’m Loving… Dale Frank

Dale Frank is an Australian abstract painter whose art has been exhibited around the globe, including at the Venice Biennale (1984), Sydney Biennale (1990), and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2000). His practice has evolved, and his current creations involve merging numerous vivid colors together on a singular surface. He does this by tilting his canvases at different angles every so often, allowing his paint to move across the surface until the varnish is set as he so desires. The colors interact and separate from other, resulting in a bold statement of dramatic colors that affect all the senses. A single work can involve up to 24 hours of continuous attention, though the paint application appears random and spontaneous. Are you as in awe as I am?

10. The Unattended Funeral where a beautiful soul masks a stranger stronger indifference, 2007

13. It seemed of little wonder anecdotally, 2008

20. The Unattended Funeral the artist’s unattended living funeral, 2007

12. A decent person cannot have what they have, a decent person cannot get away with what they get away with without knowing they have got away with it when they should not have., 2008


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