Tiffany & Co. Commissions Artists to Decorate New Store Scaffolding

Tiiffany & Co. is opening a new outpost in New York’s Soho neighborhood. But rather than keep up standard, boring scaffolding while the store is under construction, the light blue box retailer has commissioned a number of artists to decorate the exterior.

Each artist gets up to 3 days to complete their mural, which will then stay up for 1 week. The first artist to have a go at the wood exterior was Danielle Dimston, and now, artist Ellis Gallagher has already begun his piece. The Cut reports that additional artists involved are Danny Roberts and Natasha Law. I think this is an amazing idea from the brand, not only to create buzz before a new store opening (ten points for the marketing team), but also to give emerging artists a chance to showcase their talents to thousands of people. Head over to Greene Street from now until September to see each new artist’s creation.

Artwork by Danielle Dimston (image via The Cut)

Artist Ellis Gallagher at work beautifying the scaffolding (image via Interview Mag)


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