Art I’m Loving… Black and White Photographs on Artspace

For those who haven’t explored Artspace yet, I highly suggest you spend your procrastination time at work doing so (it is much more exciting than Facebook – trust me). Artspace is a new online start-up hoping to make artworks by big name contemporary artists more accessible worldwide. Essentially, if you don’t live in New York, London, or anywhere else with established contemporary art galleries at arms reach, Artspace gives you the opportunity to purchase their high quality works from wherever you can get an internet connection. Artspace also partners with artists directly to produce limited editions and prints, as well as with museums and institutions. Why I like it? It’s affordable – which means I have the opportutnity to collect works by artists like Vik Muniz, John Baldessari, or Ed Ruscha without auctioning off everything I own.

Right now I am really into black and white photographs, and am eying a few on the site. (FYI – my birthday is coming up in October).

Doug Geraghty, Grand Central, 2009

Pamela Hanson, Chelsea Hotel, 2003/2011

Vik Muniz, Pictures of Paper Noon Rush Hour on Fifth Ave., 1949 after Andreas Feininger, 2009

Judith McMillan, Optic Exploration: Iris Kaempferi, 2001

Sally Mann, Jessie in the Wind, 1989


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