Sportmax + Lola Montes Schnabel

Lola Montes Schnabel is lending her paintings to Italian Luxury Brand Sportmax for their third Carte Blanche installment.  According to the Sportmax website, Carte Blanche means “full power and free initiative… a complete surrender to fantasy and imagination.”  The brand created the Carte Blanche initiative in 2009, in which they give an artist complete decision-making power in creating a limited edition collection.  Artists Christophe Brunnquell and Kim Gordon have worked with the brand previously on a Carte Blanche collection, in 2009 and 2010 respectfully.

Schnabel, daughter of world-famous artist Julien, helped design over 1,000 numbered limited edition pieces for the collection, including a scarf, top, and tote bag, and covered them with her whimsy, imaginative, feminine watercolor paintings.  The partnership was a true collaboration, with constant revisions and interactions between the artist and the brand’s creative team. The goal for Sportmax was “to ensure the garments could become an effective material projection of her works, a new canvas finally to be worn.” From the looks below, the brand did exactly that.

One of three scarf designs for the collection

Tote Bag

The gorgeous top from the collection


The artist modeling the collection at the store launch in Milan


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