Fashion Crush: Rachel Bilson

My girl crush on Rachel Bilson began in middle school, as I glued myself to the TV on a weekly basis to watch the drama unfold on “The O.C.” Sadly, I secretly miss the real life romance of Summer and Seth (Adam Brody). While I cannot force myself to watch her show on the CW (no offense to anyone who does – it’s just not my cup of tea), I love keeping up with what she is wearing. Her style is feminine, playful, and fashion-forward, and her petite frame lends itself to almost every silhouette. She frequently dons Chanel, and when Karl approves (he also photographed Bilson for the Magnum ice-cream ad last year and directed a few short films for the brand with her in the starring role), you know you have a good thing going!

Sporting various Chanel looks…

…and more Chanel

In 3.1 Phillip Lim

in Louis Vuitton

Not many people could pull this off…

Of course she even looks chic at the airport


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