Artist James Jean Launches Fine Jewelry Line

Flashback to summer 2007.  That was when Prada commissioned artist James Jean to create a stretch of wallpaper for the brand’s New York Flagship.  Prada was so inspired she asked Jean to create an additional mural for her runway show in Milan. We all know how designers often find inspiration in art. This case was no different. The result was the now infamous collection that included the Prada Fairy Bag, and many pieces from the collection are on display at the Met’s “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” exhibition.

Jean saw his art transformed into the three-dimensional, and decided he wanted to try that for himself. Working with artisans and fabricators in Tokyo, he utilized motifs from his past works to reinterpret for a handcrafted fine jewelry collection entitled OVM. Four individual series in total were created: Drip, Butterfly, Bone, and Strata. The collection will launch in Hong Kong in October at Blitz, a conceptual shop-in-a-shop from Lane Crawford. You can check out the entire collection on the OVM website or browse through a few looks below.

Butterfly Bangle

Butterfly Loop necklace in B&W

Constellation Earrings from the Drip series

Lotus War Day limited edition print, available here

The infamous Prada Fairy Bag ad





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