Collaboration Flashback: Issey Miyake + Aya Takano

For his 2004-5 Autumn/Winter collection, avant-garde designer Issey Miyake collaborated with artist Aya Takano on a complete collection of clothing, accessories, handbags and luggage, shoes, and [insert some article of clothing that’s wearable or totable and they made it].  Takano is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Japan, but whose art has been shown in galleries all over the world. She was part of the Takashi Murakami-curated exhibition “Superflat” in 2000, which commented on the flattening of life and art by commerce.  She is known for her daydream-like landscape paintings of the modern city and imaginative designs.

Miyake, for his part, is often considered an artist just as equally is a fashion designer. His famous “Pleats Please” line stems from his interest in the creation of forms and process. His collaboration with Takano involved taking her whimsical designs and plastering them over his fashions in every way possible (including rain boots and umbrellas, carry-on luggage, scarves, bathing suits, gloves, etc.). I would die to get my hands on that rain gear today!

Fall/Winter 2004/5 RTW Collection Runway

Excuse me, what time is my flight boarding?

It could rain any day of the week if I were wearing these!



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