Art I’m Loving… Diana Al-Hadid

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to tour the newest exhibition, “The Vanishing Point,” at Marianne Boesky Gallery, guided by none other than the artist herself: Diana Al-Hadid. I was not very familiar with the artist’s work prior to my visit, but I was blown away by the scale and thoughtfulness behind her art. It first reminded me of the fantastical, sculptural creations of Rachel Feinstein (who I talked about in my post here), but Al-Hadid’s ideas were truly unique and inspired. When describing the process behind the creation of Suspended After Imageit was hard not to feel like I was a part of that development, as if I was there with her in her studio and in Austin (where pieces of the work were constructed and where the work first displayed), as she tested ways to obtain the perfect drip paint technique. Hearing the passion behind an artist’s vision always makes me love their work more, and such was the case here.

For an in-depth analysis of the exhibition, you can read the press release on the gallery website. Or, you can let the pictures below speak for themselves (although pictures cannot possibly do these sculptures justice – I highly recommend visiting the show before it closes on October 20th).

At The Vanishing Point, 2012, steel, polymer gypsum, fiberglass, wood, foam, aluminum foil, paint

Divided Line, 2012, polymer gypsum, fiberglass, gypsum board, plaster, wood, steel, paint

Suspended After Image, 2012, wood, steel, polymer gypsum, fiberglass, high density foam, plaster, paint

Antonym, 2012, steel, polymer gypsum, fiberglass, wood, foam, paint


Images via Marianne Boesky Gallery


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