Guerlain Unveils Modern Art Exhibit

Earlier this week, luxury brand Guerlain opened a modern art exhibition to the public entitled “Présomption d’Insouciance” (“Presumed Insouciant”) in its Paris flagship on the Champs-Elysées.  According to the company, the exhibition explores “the verdant paradise of childhood — an abstract time when the real seemed held at bay and of which each of us keeps buried memories tainted with an implicit melancholy.” Works by 16 diverse artists, including artists including Julien Berthier, Joana Vasconcelos, Massimo Vitali, Michel Blazy, Audrey Nervi and Françoise Pétrovitch, were aggregated by curator Caroline Messensee, and are showcased among fragrance bottles on the boutique’s gilded second floor.

The exhibition will remain on view through November 11, timed to coincide with the FIAC contemporary art fair in Paris, which runs from October 18-21. This exhibition marks the 7th of its kind by the French brand.

Françoise Pétrovitch, “Cage” (image via WWD)

The Guerlain store in Paris


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