Fine Art Sculpture Made of… YSL Lipstick?

Yes, it’s true.  Not only did French artist Fabrice Hyber turn Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic red lipstick, Rouge Pur Couture No1, into a sculpture – he used 330 pounds of it to do so. The sculpture, entitled “1M3 de Beauté,” or “One Cubic Meter of Beauty,” is currently on display at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. (In town for FIAC? Go check it out!)  Hyber chose the particular lipstick color because he was looking for a very vivid red, and vivid he got. And for his material choice? Hyber told WWD, “It’s a material that is very supple, lipstick, especially in a large quantity,” explained the artist. “The material permanently moves. It is a work that is never finished, which is always evolving. It’s a living oeuvre.” So if you were ever wondering what 330 pounds of lipstick looked like, look no further.

The Sculpture


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