Richard Prince Launches Soft Drink

Well this collaboration marks one of the oddest artistic commercial ventures I have ever seen. Appropriation artist Richard Prince (who has also lent his creative designs to Louis Vuitton handbags) has teamed up with AriZona beverages to launch his own brand of lemon-flavored soda aptly called “Richard Prince Lemon Fizz.” Apparently, Prince is a huge soft drink fan (or, for those of you also from Atlanta, a huge “coke” fan, as all carbonated beverages are referred to down South), and was the one to approach AriZona about a collaboration. The cans were designed by the artist and feature a black and white image of Prince himself as well as references to his nurse paintings and joke paintings. The 23 oz drinks will launch this December at Art Basel Miami Beach. What goes better with contemporary art than high-fructose corn syrup and carbonation??

The AriZona-Prince Lemon Fizz can designs (image via ArtInfo)


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