Art+Fashion Collabs Now Available for Purchase!

I have written about various art and fashion collaborations as they were announced over the past few months, often before seeing any of the resulting merchandise. But now, many of the actual products from these partnerships are finally available for purchase! Below is a recap of some of the enviable goods now hitting the market.

James Jean’s OVM Jewelry at Lane Crawford

James Jean, the artist most known in the fashion world for his whimsical illustrations that adorned the Prada Fairy bag that will forever hold a place in fashion history, launched his OVM jewelry collection online last year. Now, a special limited-edition collection by Jean is being sold exclusively at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, and the artist was given free reign to construct a live art installation for the launch. Jean adorned the store’s concept room Blitz, constructed entirely of glass, with white sketches of butterflies, foliage and whimsical creatures. “I want people to feel like they entered a different dimension or world, this surreal, dream-like space,” he said to WWD.

View of the OVM display at Lane Crawford

Jean’s whimsical design on the glass wall

Nars Andy Warhol Collection

When I wrote about this collection back in June, Nars had yet to release images of the products. Now you can pick up the Pop-art inspired makeup at Sephora or online at

Flower eyeshadow palette

Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret

Jimmy Choo + Rob Pruitt

We got a glimpse of some of the designs from this collaboration back in June, but the entire collection is now available on Net-a-Porter. The goods feature Pruitt’s signature Panda motif, alongside leopard print, cool zebra stripes, candy sprinkles, and glitter all in an array of rainbow colors. The playful 18-piece collection includes shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

Sprinkle wedges

Angel and Devil minaudières

Ling-ling Tote Bag


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