Collaboration Flashback: Bulgari + Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor, the contemporary artist known for his “voids” (the term he uses to reference his gigantic, gleaming steel sculptures), partnered with luxury jeweler Bulgari in 2010 on a similar, but much-smaller-scaled project . In honor of Bulgari’s B.zero1 collection’s 10th anniversary, Kapoor reinterpreted the jewelry series’ iconic design elements in the form a ring made of shiny steel set between two pink-gold rims engraved with the Bulgari brand name. After the release of the Bulgari collaboration ring, Kapoor created a sculpture related to the collaboration that was auctioned off to benefit Save the Childrens “Rewrite the Future” campaign.

Kapoor’s work often comes in the form of massive public commissions, as was the case this past summer when he was asked to create a public installation and observation tower to add “something extra” to London’s Olympic Park during the 2012 summer games. Like all of Kapoor’s sculptures, ArcelorMittal Orbit was designed to encourage the viewer to engage with the sculpture’s physical structure for a complete sensorial experience.

I can’t say I would be disappointed if I opened a box this holiday season that contained this…

Kapoor’s Bulgari design

Cloud Gate, 2004-6

ArcelorMittal Orbit, Public Installation and observation tower at London’s Olympic Park, 2012


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