Fendi’s Baguette Gets An Artsy Twist

Fendi has enlisted three Los Angeles artists to reinvent their iconic baguette, which recently celebrated its 15th birthday. While the brand has worked with artists such as Tom Sachs and Jeff Koons in the past on a similar projects involving the always-in-demand purse, it was West Coast artists Pae White, Chaz Bojorquez, and Kenny Scharf who took the reigns in this particular commission. (If you read my post last week you will agree that Scharf has kept himself quite busy lately in the form of retail collaborations.)

The LA trio seemed most appropriate for a collaboration from which proceeds would benefit The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Fendi took note of the excitement around the emerging art world in Los Angeles and decided to focus their collaboration on upcoming talent in the area. The bags were sent to the artists as blank canvases: white, simple, and open to whatever interpretation the artists were inspired to create. The resulting designs were auctioned at Maxfield this past fall.

Fendi Baguette by Chaz Bojorquez

Fendi baguette by Kenny Scharf

Fendi Baguette by Pae White




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