Gucci + Hirohiko Araki

For the new year and in honor of their Spring 2013 collection, Gucci has tapped Japanese Manga artist Hirohiko Araki to design the brand’s new store windows, which launched worldwide last week.

The artist created a Manga, or comic strip, story called “Jolyne, Fly High with Gucci” for the conceptual designs. The story is centered around Jolyne Cujoh, a student who inherits a Gucci keepsake from her mom and goes on a journey to discover its mystery. Various interpretations and scenes from the story appear in 70 Gucci store windows across the globe. The color palette of the artwork was inspired by Gucci’s Cruise 2013 collection, incorporating the collection’s graphic prints, the brand’s signature flora motifs, and iconic brand merchandise throughout the storyline.

Gucci has extended the collaboration into a full-on multimedia campaign, which includes videos that will be broadcasted in-store and online. The brand also plans to release Araki’s Manga story in full in the Japanese publication Spur as well as on their Facebook page. If you live near one of their retail locations, I highly recommend a viewing!

an image from Hirohiko Araki's story "

An image from Hirohiko Araki’s story “Jolyne, Fly High with Gucci”


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