Kate Spade New York + Craig Redman

Kate Spade creative director Deborah Lloyd loves her some buzz-generating collaborations. For the KSNY Fall 2012 collection, she tapped Garance Doré (aka French photographer, illustrator, and fashion blogger extraordinaire, as well as Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist’s significant other) to create a number of sketches and patterns to print on a variety of separates. This year, Lloyd looked to Craig Redman—the creator of the adorable character Darcel Disappoints, who chronicles both the highs and lows of his life in New York City on his eponymous blog—for a creative partnership.

Darcel was the perfect partner for the very NY-themed collection with an 80s twist, which was presented during fashion week last Friday amongst old-school yellow taxi cab props and neon NY skylines plastered on the walls. Hot pink reigned queen, metallics and neons accented almost every look, and bows—generally oversized—showed up on blouses and in dress patterned. It was a concoction of all things quirky: tuxedo-inspired pumps, a yellow clutch plastered with the word “TAXI,” hot-pink polkadots, and Mr. Darcel. The artist designed a Kate Spade-specific graphic that was featured on t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories including rings, anklets and bracelets. I can’t say that I myself will be doning items from this collection come Fall, but Darcel is pretty darn cute if you ask me. What will we do from now until August when we can finally get these Darcel-emblazoned articles? Follow his blog, and hope that for once, Darcel has a good day.


Pink-Haired Darcel makes his debut on a Kate Spade sweater


Darcel does shopping: bow, bag and all!


Taxi-yellow outfit anyone?


Check out the tuxedo-inspired shoes




You won’t have trouble hailing a cab ever again with this clutch


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