Dior + Vincent Beaurin

It is a long-documented fact that Christian Dior loved artists, befriending Jean Cocteau, Christian Bérard, and Max Jacob to name a few. Because of this history, the brand has often strived to continue his legacy by collaborating with artists on various projects. For its latest endeavor, the House of Dior has tapped Vincent Beaurin, the French sculptor and painter, to create an original makeup palette for spring. Beaurin has proven to be a favorite of the brand, having reinterpreted the Lady Dior bag in 2010 for the “Lady Dior as seen by” traveling exhibition.

The Bastet Eyeshadow Tablet, as the palette has been named, was inspired by the Egyptian divinity Bastet, the goddess of music, dance, feasting, and love. Chicly enclosed in a magnetic case lie a trio of electric eye colors, including a warm red, bright blue, and mustard.  The work of art (if you will) retails for $210, and can be purchased on dior.com.


The Bastet Eye Shadow Palette


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