Art I’m Loving… Nick Cave

After a brief blogging hiatus for a much-needed vacation, I am finally back at the computer to bring you all things art and fashion—starting with my current artist obsession, Nick Cave. While I have always been captivated by the visual and performance artist’s signature Soundsuits—extravagant ensembles meticulously handcrafted from found objects, recycled remnants, and discarded materials—the artist is currently having quite a moment here in New York City.

As part of a series of events celebrating the centennial of Grand Central Terminal, Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit have organized Heard•NY.  For this week-long event, Cave transformed Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall with a herd of 30 colorful life-size horses that peacefully “graze” and twice-daily break into choreographed movement (“crossings”) accompanied by live music. Himself a trained dancer, Cave called upon The Ailey School students to perform these daily crossings.

I attended the performance yesterday, and was blown away by the beauty of the soundsuits, the fluidity of the performance, and how engrossed I felt within everything happening around me (see pictures below). The soundsuits, according to the artist, exist as both sculptures in themselves and, when occupied by the body, activated forms, and reference dress and ritual attire from around the world, responding to the globalization of cultural identity. While acquiring a soundsuit is a bit out of my budget, the artist makes rather affordable prints of people in mid-soundsuit performance (which you can purchase here).

Check out my video of Heard•NY, and if you get a chance to go see it today before it ends (11am and 2pm), I highly recommend it!

Some other soundsuits:

10-Soundsuit nick_cave-soundsuit


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