Feel the Piece + Annie Preece

Three-year-old clothing brand Feel the Piece—which specializes in sporty basics—has just unveiled a new line, Tyler Jacobs for Feel the Piece. “Dedicated to combining high quality garments with dynamic art, the line becomes a nexus between street and style,” states Jacobs on his website. With the goal of merging street art and style, each season will feature a collection designed in collaboration with an up-and-coming LA street artist. What I love about this collection is that at its heart, it’s mission is to support emerging artistic talent by increasing their visibility to a larger audience.

For the inaugural TJ for FTP Spring 2013 collection, the brand engaged LA-based artist Annie Preece. Preece, who at the ripe age of 16 became involved with the underground graffiti art scene in San Francisco, is known for her vivid use color both in her murals and canvases. For the collection, Preece incorporated sketches and text onto FTP’s signature comfy tees, a sampling of which can be found below. Shop now on nordstrom.com.


A look from the collection


Don’t they look comfy! Reads: I’m Not a Puzzle


I know so many people who could use this tee…

Peacock, 2012

Peacock, 2012

Mouth, 2012

Mouth, 2012


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