Kenzo + Maurizio Cattelan

Kenzo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon wanted to do something different for their fall ad campaign, and different they did. The ad campaign encompasses a hint of surrealism as envisioned by two artistic collaborators: Maurizio Cattelan and the commercial photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, the two forces behind the biannual publication Toilet Paper. The duo developed out-of-the-box (or just plain weird, if you will) concepts such as an image in which two models are pinned to a specimen board alongside a variety of insects. Another ad, a billboard next to the High Line in NYC,  features disembodied fingers.

“I want to give Kenzo a voice that is different from everything else,” Leon told the New York Times. Further explaining that the vibe they were going for in the campaign was “weird and cool,” one would find difficulty in debating that they achieved their goal. And yet for those of you familiar with Cattelan’s work, it comes as no surprise that he was brought on for just that purpose. The artist recently made a splash in the art world (even though he had announced his retirement from the art world in 2011 on the eve of a major retrospective at the Guggenheim) with an installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where Toilet Paper editors have covered the windows with images from the magazine to celebrate the release of its eight issue. The installation is on view indefinitely.

kenzo ads

An ad from Kenzo’s fall campaign


Another ad from the campaign


Surrealism to the max


An exterior view of the window installation at Palais de Tokyo


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