Collaboration Anticipation: Lisa Perry + Robert Indiana

Late last week, WWD snagged the exclusive announcement about Lisa Perry’s upcoming artist capsule collection with Robert Indiana, the pop artist most known for his LOVE and number motifs. Perry, as you may know from past posts (such as this and this), launches a limited edition artist collection each Spring. This year, however, the designer opted for a Fall launch to coincide with Indiana’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, entitled “Robert Indiana: Beyond Love,” opening September 26th.

For her fourth annual artist collection, Perry not only saw Indiana as a perfect fit for her notoriously pop-inspired design aesthetic, but she also admired the artist’s ability to “create something that becomes iconic and recognizable for the ages.” The limited edition line of apparel and accessories will not only feature the signature “Love” imagery, but will also incorporate other Indiana motifs including “Decade Autoportrait” and “Numbers.” Proceeds from sales will benefit The Whitney. The collection hits stores in early September, so mark your calendars, ladies.


A first look at a dress from the limited edition Robert Indiana collection. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!

image via WWD; photo by Courtesy Photo


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