Hermès + Leandro Erlich

This past weekend, luxury fashion brand Hermès threw a private party at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District to fete the intersections of the house’s men’s and lifestyle lines, architecture, and art.  “A Man’s World Miami”—the four-hour event hosted twice prior in Beijing and Paris—was the result of a collaboration between Hermès’s menswear director Véronique Nichanian and Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. Guests strolled down mirrored hallways and were asked to look down in order to see the artwork above their heads by Erlich, dubbed “Dream Climbers” based on the atrium of models in colorful attire (colorful Hermès attire, that is) perched on the rafters overhead.

In another room at the event, attendees found themselves within a vaulted alcove featuring a permanent installation by Zaha Hadid entitled “Elastika.” Within the room were elevator doors that would open and close, each time revealing something different from the Hermès mens lifestyle line and models in the brand’s most tailored looks, reminding guests why they were invited in the first place.

Additional rooms featured much of the same: 11 installations in total spanning three floors, in some way incorporating the brand’s men’s products, from clothing to shoes, watches, jewelry, and fragrances. Several of the installations were digitally interactive and illusionary. The goal was to showcase the universality of the brand’s offerings while simultaneously entertaining VIP clients with a unique experience.


Installation shot, courtesy Hermès

ernich in front

The artist in front of Hermès models

models in hermes

Models in Hermès

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